Transition to Clean Energy: The Emergence of Indigenous Geothermal Energy

Indigenous peoples of Canada and the United States are beginning to invest in geothermal power production as a contribution to reaching net zero by the 2050 greenhouse gas reduction targets...

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National News 19th annual BC Natural Resource Forum goes virtual for the second consecutive year

Lana Eagle, a director at non-profit Geoscience BC, shared how the data they found assisted Fort Nelson First Nation moves forward with the Tu Deh-Kah Geothermal Project in Northern BC. ...

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CBC's What on Earth Podcast: A new year in climate action

We welcome 2022 with an update from some of our guests. We hear about a geothermal project breaking ground, the fight to stop a new highway, and a campaign for...

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drilling rig

Energy Transition Solutions Podcast: How to think about energy and land use for the next seven generations — Chief Gale and John Ebell, Tu Deh-Kah Geothermal, ep 17

Welcome to the Energy Transition Solutions podcast — brought to you on the Oil and Gas Global Network by AWS Energy.   In this episode our host, Joe Batir, talks with Chief Sharleen...

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All-Indigenous panel talks dos and don't of development at P3 conference

A group of Indigenous leaders recently shed light on the role Indigenous groups can play in advancing Canada’s march towards net-zero, what missteps project partners can avoid when working with...

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If Australia Wants to be a Green Energy Superpower, It Needs to Include Its Aboriginal Communities

The contents of Norman Frank’s fridge could mean the difference between life and death. His doctor told him to drink cold water for his kidney trouble, and to keep his...

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