Fort Nelson First Nation is located in the Northeastern corner of British Columbia. We are one of eight nations that belong to BC Treaty 8, coming from strong Cree and Dene Peoples. Fort Nelson First Nation is taking an active role in defining the industrial activities in our traditional territories. After many years of strategizing and planning, Fort Nelson First Nation is pursuing the development of this innovative renewable energy project that is well suited for a Northern climate. Tu Deh-Kah Geothermal aligns with our vision of building a sustainable future for generations to come.  aeriel

Tu Deh-Kah Geothermal's resource is well-known thanks to decades of data from academic institutions, public entities and the gas industry. In a movement towards self-determination and decolonization, what was initially referred to as Clarke Lake Geothermal Project now holds a Dene name, Tu Deh-Kah Geothermal. Read more about the background story of the name and logo here.


By transforming the Clarke Lake gas field into a geothermal project, Fort Nelson Frist Nation is paving the way for climate action in the North. The current electricity supply in Fort Nelson is 13 times more emitting than the rest of the province. 

The geological formation in this basin is a highly porous Devonian carbonate. The basin was a coral reef during the Devonian era about 400 million years ago. The hot geothermal brine can be harnessed through the porous rock. Tu Deh-Kah's geothermal resource is considered low-grade in conventional geothermal energy because it is around 120 Celsius, a high-grade resource is around 150 Celsius. 


Beyond developing the electricity facility, we are evaluating direct heat opportunities to utilize the waste heat for other applications. Direct applications of waste heat can include agriculture development, heating buildings, or industrial processes like drying timber products. There is substantial interest from Fort Nelson First Nation in pursuing agriculture opportunities to increase the region's food security and export agricultural products for economic development.