“Greenhouse production is an obvious opportunity to explore. Everyone is pretty excited about producing fresh food in our region in the middle of winter,”

- Fort Nelson First Nation Chief Sharleen Gale 

Fort Nelson First Nation secured an essential provincial permit for the geothermal rights to 6,800 hectares of land in the Clarke Lake gas field. Fort Nelson First Nation's economic development arm, Deh Tai LP, is pursuing the development of BC's first 100% Indigenous community-owned commercial-scale geothermal power plant.

fort nelson

Geothermal energy will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the Fort Nelson region, where electricity is generated from natural gas or imported from Alberta. Fort Nelson's non-integrated electrical grid relies on fossil fuels for power.

Tu Deh-Kah Geothermal will also leverage the excess heat from the facility for additional economic benefits like agriculture, tourism and heating buildings.